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Intriguing new result from the LHCb experiment at CERN suggest hints of a violation of the Standard Model of particle physics
March 23, 2021

The LHCb results strengthen hints of a violation of lepton flavour universality Today the LHCb experiment at CERN, in which IGFAE…

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New X-ray Generation Technology for Medical Imaging
March 11, 2021

The Galician Institute of High Energy Physics (IGFAE) is leading an investigation in collaboration with the University of Salamanca in which…

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The merger of two boson stars could explain the most massive black hole collision ever observed and prove the existence of dark matter
February 24, 2021

An international team of scientists led by the Galician Institute of High Energy Physics (IGFAE) and the University of Aveiro shows…

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CODEX- b, a new IGFAE experiment to detect long-lived particles at CERN
February 1, 2021

The Galician Institute of High Energy Physics releases “Long-lived particles: a new way to decipher the universe”, an outreach video on…

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LIGO and Virgo announce new detections in updated gravitational-wave catalog
October 29, 2020

After several months of thorough analysis, the LIGO Scientific Collaboration —in which the Galician Institute of High Energy Physics (IGFAE) participates—…

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The black hole always chirps twice: new clues to decipher the shape of these cosmic objects
October 8, 2020

A team of astronomers led by Juan Calderón Bustillo, new gravitational wave researcher at the Instituto Galego de Física de Altas…

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New clues to the origin of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays
October 2, 2020

The Pierre Auger Collaboration, in which IGFAE participates leading Spanish participation, presents the most precise measurements to date on the most…

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The most massive merging of two black holes ever detected
September 2, 2020

LIGO and Virgo have announced the detection of an extraordinarily massive merging binary system: two black holes of 66 and 85…

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LHCb discovers a new type of tetraquark at CERN
July 1, 2020

The LHCb collaboration has observed a type of four-quark particle never seen before. The discovery, presented at a recent seminar at…

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Virgo and LIGO spot a mystery object merging with a black hole
June 23, 2020

Virgo and LIGO, in which IGFAE participates, have announced the discovery of a compact object of about 2.6 solar masses, placing…

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