The Galician Institute of High Energy Physics (IGFAE) at the University of Santiago de Compostela announces its second edition of research initiation contracts. We offer 6 part-time research contracts for the development of research Master Projects at IGFAE. Accepted applicants will enjoy a first research experience in the only centre accredited as a María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence.

Students will developed a Final Master Project associated to one of the Research Strategic Areas of the IGFAE under the supervision of a senior researcher. The students will gain knowledge and know-how in the field of Particle Physics, Astroparticle or Nuclear Physics and will have the opportunity to assist to all scientific and the educational activities offered in the center.


Contracts are expected to start in October with a duration of 8 months.


  • Part-time 25% (8.75 hours per week)
  • Gross monthly salary: 393,76 €


  • Bachelor degree.
  • Applicants must present the receipt of the application for admission to the USC Master’s Degree in Physics to present themselves to the call.
  • The selected ones must present, at the time of signing the employment contract, the enrolment in the same master and a signed commitment for the completion of the Master’s Final Project at the IGFAE under the
    supervision of a researcher ascribed to the institute.


Applications can only be submitted electronically via the University of Santiago de Compostela website using the application form found in the following link and choosing “Convocatoria Pública 06/2021”.

The following documents must be uploaded:

  • PDF document of the curriculum vitae, highlighting the merits that are established as assessment criteria and that are set out, for each specific Position, in the annex to the call.
  • Copy of the academic record of the degree. The certificates of the studies carried out abroad must be presented in English or with the corresponding official translations into Spanish, Galician or English.
  • Sworn statement in which the candidate declares under his responsibility, that s/he meets the requirements of the call and can prove it on the deadline for applications.


Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria, with a maximum score of 100 points:

  • Academic record of bachelor degree, up to 70 points of the total score.
  • Curriculum vitae that includes, at least, accredited training, publications in scientific journals and participation in scientific activities, always in the field or applicable to research in nuclear and high energy physics and accreditable training in foreign languages., up to 10 points of the total score.
  • Personal interview. Only the candidates with at least 50 points on the other merits will be interviewed. Up to 20 points of the total score.


Closing date for applications is 10th September 2021. In case of any problems concerning this application, please contact us in, with the subject “RESEARCH INITIATION CONTRACTS 2021”.


The scientific research of the Institute is organized around three areas that are the basis for the strategic planning: The Standard Model to the Limits, Cosmic Particles and Fundamental Physics, and Nuclear Physics from the Lab to improve people’s health.  A transversal line has been created recently to discuss the strategy for new opportunities in the field of international facilities. In addition, IGFAE activity is divided into an experimental and a theory section.

IGFAE offers training in soft skills is to enhance future employability and career success of our researchers including technology transfer, entrepreneurship, dissemination, and equity/diversity perspective.

IGFAE is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to increasing the diversity of its personnel and particularly welcomes applications from women, minorities, and persons with disabilities. We offer flexible working schedule to reconcile a work and family life.

*Aid financed by the Department of Culture, Education and University of the Xunta de Galicia and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) as part of the Galicia 2014-2020 Operational Programme at a rate of 80%*