Innovation, Knowledge & Technology Transfer


The IGFAE is a research reference centre that favours reconciliation of work and family life, promotion, training, and professional development, including Innovaton, Knowledge and Technology Transfer Actions. For this last purpose, the IGFAE KTT Unit ensures that any researcher joining our team will have all resources at hand. The KTT Unit supports IGFAE researches in finding connections with industry, intellectual protection actions or spin-off/start-up creation. We have a commitment with Innovation, Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurship as one of the main ways of professional education of the university community.

The KTT Unit team is trained in identify transferable research results, assess commercial potential, IP, manage contracts for transfer results, support and advice on industrial initiatives, executive formation, and also provide training related to KTT. Additionally, our KTT Unit has a close collaboration with the USC Valuation, Transfer and Entrepreneurship Area, which is the service in charge of the dissemination and promotion of the KTT culture among the university community, among others.

Download the starting IGFAE Innovation and Transfer Plan here

For KTT inquiries, contact the Innovation Knowledge and Technology Transfer Officer, Pablo Cabanelas, in:

Tel: +34881813636