EU ERDF-Funded facilities


In recent years, the IGFAE has been renovating various equipment linked to its strategic research areas thanks to co-financing from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), such as:

Laboratory of gaseous detectors: TPCs and RPCs

The renovation of these facilities has allowed IGFAE research staff to work in unusually clean and controlled conditions, developing photo-spectroscopic analysis simultaneously, with high resolution and in the 110-2000nm range, with the consequent advantage for the development of gaseous detectors and new detection techniques in the field of Rare Events physics.

Project code EQC2019-006625-P.

Data Processing Centre (DPC) upgrade

The improvement of this computing infrastructure has been essential to cope with the analysis and processing of the huge amounts of data provided by the new generation experiments, as well as new theoretical challenges, with ever increasing computational demands.

Project code EQC2019-006622-P.

Ion laser accelerator

This equipment is located at the Laser Laboratory for Acceleration and Applications (L2A2), equipped with an ultra-intense ultra-short laser system. The facility is being used by researchers from USC and external collaborators conducting research in the field of laser-plasma particle acceleration and femtosecond laser pulses applications. The installation of the ion laser accelerator has been a major step forward in the performance of the L2A2.

Project code EQC2019-006626-P.