The IGFAE Strategic Research Program (SRP) funded by the Maria de Maeztu (MdM) grant includes an action to stimulate new ideas and multidisciplinary and/or collaborative research among different members of the Institute.

The aim of the call for the IGFAE IGNITE* Program is to identify new projects to be funded by the Institute with potential to open new lines in the future. Priority will be given to new ideas which can become stable and selfsubstained.

Description of the program

This program will fund projects proposed by members of IGFAE that could also include external collaborators. The maximum amount of funding from the grant allocated to this call is 140.000 Euros that will be distributed among different projects after evaluation. Each individual project has a maximum contribution of 70.000 Euros that have to be properly justified by the end of the grant (October 31st, 2022). For each project, the maximum contributions for items and years are as follows:

Concept Period of expenses Maximum ammount
Personnel -31/10/2021 7.150 €
Others -31/10/2021 17.850
Personnel 1/11/2021 - 31/10/2022 35.600 €
Others 1/11/2021 - 31/10/2022 9.400 €
Total 70.000 €

Projects that receive a good evaluation but that cannot be funded in the present call will be considered for funding if additional resources become available for the Institute.

Projects will be presented by an individual or team of IGFAE researchers before the deadline March 31st, 2021. One IGFAE researcher will, in any case, act as Principal Investigator (PI). Any member of IGFAE holding a PhD degree can act as PI.

The teams may be participated by non-IGFAE members, in particular from, but not restricted to, other Singular Centers from the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela and CESGA. The participation of the non-IGFAE members should be justified by providing expertise needed for the project but not present at IGFAE. In this case, although co-funding of the project is not required, it will be positively considered.

Application procedure

The proposals consisting in a maximum of 4 pages plus a table budget should contain:

  1. brief description of the idea
  2. justification of its novelty and/or the multidisciplinary nature within IGFAE
  3. description of the team
  4. methodology and timeline potential for external funding after the seed grant

The budget must contain a description of the expenses by categories (personnel, small instrumentation, fungible materials, travels, visitors, etc.). Only expenses eligible by the Centro Singulares de Investigación de la Xunta de Galicia project can be funded in this call.

The proposal should be sent in PFD format to before March 31st, 2021

Evaluation and timeline

A committee will be formed to evaluate the proposals that can also ask the opinion of external referees. Members of the IGFAE Scientific Advisory Board could be contacted to provide advise at any step of the process.

The evaluation will be based on the novelty of the proposals within the IGFAE scientific agenda and their quality and potential to receive external funds and open future new lines in the Institute. In case several proposals are found equally suitable for funding, priority will be given to those presented by non-tenured staff (Ramon y Cajal, IGFAE Global Talent, La Caixa Junior Leader, Distinguished Researchers).

The evaluation and communication of the results will be done in a maximum of 30 days after the deadline of the call. After the results are communicated, PIs will have 5 days to accept the grant. The acceptance of the grant will mark its starting date.