The IGNITE Program is an internal call which aims to identify new projects to be funded by the Institute with potential to open new lines in the future. Priority will be given to new ideas which can become stable and selfsubstained. In the selected projects can also participate external collaborators.

1st call – IGNITE (2019):

Gravitational Waves Instrumentation Lab (Thomas Dent)
Gas TPCs with fast timing capability (T0) for the DUNE Near Detector (Diego González Díaz)
PHARMI: Phoswich scintillator assembly for medical imaging (Pablo Cabanelas Eiras)
Codex-b, an experiment to unveil BSM physics searching for Long Lived Particles (Xabier Cid Vidal)

2nd call – IGNITE* (2021):

Coaxial Prompt Gamma-ray Monitoring for proton therapy (Antonio Fernández Prieto, Edgar Lemos Cid)
Gravitational Wave Patterns for Compact Star (Ricardo Vázquez, Juan Calderón Bustillo, Christoph Adam)