Mission & Vision


The IGFAE has the main mission of coordinating and to foster the scientific and technical research in the field of High-Energy Physics, Particle and Nuclear Physics and related areas: Astrophysics, Medical Physics, Instrumentation, etc.

The planning and promotion of relations with large experimental facilities are of particular importance, especially with CERN, GSI/FAIR and the Pierre Auger Observatory.

The main elements that define the recent activity of the Institute are: a good performance in terms of scientific production, talent attraction and fundraising, an intense international activity, especially within large experimental collaborations (LHC,GSI/FAIR, Auger…) and the activation of a new framework to organize the research in terms of Strategic Research Areas (SA).


Improve the scientific performance

Explore potential synergies among the IGFAE groups and with other research teams

Increase the eficiency of the research facilities and technological capacities

Set up a Responsible Research & Innovation Strategy

Adapt the management to the best international practice