IGFAE announces its second edition of its summer fellowships for research initiation, offering 10 grants aimed at undergraduate students interested in having their first research experience during July. Accepted applicants will enjoy a hands-on extracurricular internship and will be assigned a research project belonging to one of the Research Strategic Areas of the Galician Institute of High Energy Physics (IGFAE) under the supervision of a senior researcher. The students will gain knowledge and know-how in the field of Particle Physics, Astroparticle or Nuclear Physics and will have the opportunity to assist to all scientific and the educational activities offered in the center.


  • General financial assistance for one month of internship: 750€. If the duration is shorter, this amount will be reduced proportionally.
  • Specific financial assistance to cover for travel expenses for students living outside Santiago de Compostela, subject to the following conditions:
    ⮚ Students coming from inside Galicia: 80€ maximum, to be justified by submission of documentation proving the expenses.
    ⮚ Students coming from outside Galicia: 500€ maximum, to be justified by submission of documentation proving the expenses.
    ⮚ Travel expenses should be authorized in advance by the direction of IGFAE.


It will be conducted from July 1st to July 31st, 2021.


  • To be in the one of the two last years of any degree in the European Higher Education Area or any university system. 8 scholarships are reserved for students of the degrees in Physics, Mathematics, double degree Mathematics-Physics, engineering or equivalent degrees. 2 scholarships are reserved for students of no-STEAM (science, engineering, art and  mathematics) degrees.
  • Average grade in academic record must be equal or greater than 8 points in a 10 points scale and must have passed at least 55% of the credits of their degree.


Applications can only be submitted electronically via the University of Santiago de Compostela website using the application form found in the following address: https://sede.usc.es/formularios/solicitudes/InvestigacionBolsasVeran.htm. The application should be addressed to the Division of Call Service and Human Resources R+D of the Unit Investigation Research before May, 21st at 23:59 h (CEST), of the common administrative procedure for public administrations, providing the following documentation:

  • Copy of the academic transcript including the marks for all the subjects or modules
    and the average mark in a 10 points scale of the official bachelor’s degree or equivalent. In the case of having studied abroad in a language other than English, the certification must be submitted with the official translation into Spanish or Galician.
  • Enrolment certificate issued by the University or copy of the enrolment fees for the 2020/2021 academic year.
  • Curriculum Vitae of the applicant.
  • Motivation letter with an expression of interest in obtaining the fellowship.


Applications will be evaluated according to the following criteria, with a maximum score
of 10 points:

  • Academic record of the applicants, up to the 70% of the total score.
  • Curriculum Vitae, including publications, awards and training related to the purpose of the fellowships, among others. Up to 20% of the total score.
  • The expression of interest of the applicants in the motivation letter. Up to 10% of the total score.

Further information in the conditions or by sending an email to jobs@igfae.usc.es, with the subject [SUMMER FELLOWSHIPS].

This fellowships are funded by the Xunta de Galicia and Santander Universidades.

NEW: Provisional proposal for the beneficiaries of summer scholarships

NEW: Definitive proposal for the beneficiaries of summer scholarships and waiting list