IGFAE organizes a Science Week (Semana da ciencia) from 12th to 16th November 2018. It will include various outreach and educational events in Santiago de Compostela. More information on each of them is given below.

 “String theory: Life, death and miracles” 


12th November 2018 at 20:00  

Auditorio ABANCA, Rúa da Preguntoiro 23 

Fifty years ago, the Italian physicist Gabriele Veneziano pioneered string theory. In his talk for the general audience, he will tell the story and will explain the basics of this fundamental model in the modern physics. Real time translation from English will be provided.

Direct! http://tv.usc.es/directo2.html

1st IGFAE contest of scientific communication (IGFAE C3)  

IGFAE organizes three scientific communication competitions presented briefly here.  
The full list of rules and criteria are given here in Spanish and Galician. 

Scientific monologue competition 

In this contest, participants will explain physics topics in a maximum of three minutes in a way understandable to the common audience. The monologues will be preferably, but not restricted to, subjects from IGFAE’s research and will be given in Spanish, Galician or English. The use of a projector or other audiovisual tools is not permitted. 
Prize: A jury of scientists will award the best monologue with an iPad mini 4 with 128 GB Wifi.  
Jury: Héctor Urién, María Solar and Eduardo Sáenz de Cabezón (president).  
Participation: Participants may register by sending an e-mail to
monologos-C3-2018@igfae.usc.es  by 2nd November 2018 23:59 (CET).
All rules and requirements: in Spanish and Galician.
The competition will take place on 15th November 2018 at 18:00 in Aula Magna of the Physics Faculty of the University of Santiago de Compostela. 
If the number of registered monologues exceeds the capacity to accommodate them in a single session, the organization reserves the right to ask participants for a video with their intervention in order to make a preliminary selection. 

Experiment, demonstration or web or mobile application contest 

This is a competition for the best physics experiment, demonstration or web/mobile application, preferably on a topic from IGFAE’s research. It will take place in two rounds. 
In the first round, participants will present a proposal explaining the details of the project (purpose, working principle, materials, assembly, budget of up to 500 EUR) in PDF format in Galician, Spanish or English. From these, a jury will select four to proceed to the second round. These projects will receive the funding requested for their realization and, once in operation, will be exhibited in the network of Scientific Museums of A Coruña (https://i.gal/mc2).  
Prize: After the 2nd round, the best project will receive a prize of 500 EUR. 
Jury: seven members, with the participation of Manuel Miramontes representing the network of Scientific Museums of A Coruña, chaired by Dolores Cortina. 
Participation: The proposals have to be sent to
experimentos-C3-2018@igfae.usc.es by 8th November 23:59 (CET). 
All rules and requirements: in Spanish and Galician.
The projects selected to enter the 2nd round will be announced after the monologue competition event on 15th November 2018 at 18:00 in Aula Magna of the Physics Faculty of the University of Santiago de Compostela. 

Outreach article competition 

This is a contest for the best scientific outreach article with subject corresponding to physics, preferably on a topic from the research of IGFAE. Contributions, in free format, will have a maximum length of 1200 words, must be in Galician, Spanish or English and submitted in PDF format. The texts must not be previously published or have editorial commitments. 
Participation: The articles have to be sent to
artigos-C3-2018@igfae.usc.es by 2nd November 23:59 (CET). 
All rules and requirements: in Spanish and Galician.
Jury: five members, chaired by José Edelstein. 
Prize: an iPad mini 4 with Wifi 128 GB for the best popular article. 
The winning article will be awarded after the monologue competition event on 15th November 2018 at 18:00 in Aula Magna of the Physics Faculty of the University of Santiago de Compostela. 

High school talks

IGFAE offers the opportunity to Galician high schools to invite our researchers for a presentation on our research. The talks are free of charge and are to be organised by the schools directly with the researchers giving them. The full list of available talks is available in this link. A list of the talks confirmed so far is given here.