Six students of the Master in Physics of the USC joined the IGFAE this week as beneficiaries of the contracts to initiate research, co-financed by the General Secretariat for Universities from the Regional Government´s Education Universities and Professional Training through the Program for the accreditation, structuring and improvement of research centres of Galicia´s University System (SUG).

The grants will allow the six selected to establish their first contact with research activity and become familiar with the day-to-day life of a center dedicated to high energy physics. During the eight months of the contract, they will have to develop an individual research project on any of the topics contained in the three areas in which the IGFAE organizes its research, and which will be supervised by researchers from the Institute.

In the image, from left to right: Néstor Armesto, IGFAE associate executive director; Juan Santos; Daniel Viqueira; Julio Novoa; Miguel Fernández; Xoan Mayo; Clara Landesa; and Carlos Salgado, IGFAE scientific director.