Today at 20 hours, physicist, filmmaker and communicator Ágnes Mócsy will participate in a colloquium with the citizenship of Santiago de Compostela at “o Besbello – Cultural Bar (Rúa de Caldeirería, 26), organized by the IGFAE within the framework of its II Week of the Science. In this conversation, we will have an engaging and respectful conversation about implicit bias, identity threat, meritocracy, and more, facilitating inquiry and self-expression, while also demonstrating conscientiousness in understanding how others’ viewpoints and experience  may be different from our own.

We all strive to have a community where access is equitable and the playing field is level, and where everyone can perform at their full potential. Diverse personal backgrounds and identities shape our experience within the scientific community. Who is doing physics, who isn’t, and why are questions we can learn about from data and from personal stories. We can think about these individually and collectively. Becoming aware of and being mindful of the existence of our own implicit biases is a step towards true equity and inclusion.