During August, IGFAE postdoc researchers Meijian Li and Wenyang Qian visited two research institutes in China: the Key Laboratory of Particle Physics and Particle Irradiation (PPPI), Shandong University, in Qingdao; and the Institute of Modern Physics (IMP), Chinese Academy of Sciences, in Lanzhou. The purpose of their visits is to communicate with other researchers and build further collaborations.

In both institutes, Wenyang and Meijian gave talks on their recent works: Quantum simulation in time evolution and bound state problems (Wenyang), and In-medium quark jet evolution in a light-front Hamiltonian formalism (Meijian).

At PPPI, Meijian and Wenyang met Professor Hong Zhang, with whom and IGFAE researcher Bin Wu, they carried out a work together Anisotropic flow and the valence quark skeleton of hadrons, paper published in the Journal of High Energy Physics in April 2023.

At IMP, Meijian and Wenyang re-met Professor Xingbo Zhao, who was a postdoc in the group during their PhD stage. Recently, Xingbo, Meijian, and IGFAE director Carlos Salgado collaborated on a paper (Momentum broadening of an in-medium jet evolution using a light-front Hamiltonian approach), published on Physical Review Letters D.