Last Friday the IGFAE predoctoral researcher Anxo Fariña defended his thesis in the Aula Magna of the Faculty of Physics of the USC. Titled “Long Time Dynamics of Resonant Systems” and supervised by IGFAE researcher and USC Professor Javier Mas, this work explores the deformation experienced by certain physical systems over time.

The first part of the thesis is devoted to the construction of mathematical techniques that allow to predict this type of behavior and extract relevant information, proving that they are very useful tools for the study of quantum gases, waves in different space-times, pure gravitational space-time fluctuations and the gravitational collapse that produce black holes.

In the second part of the work, different space-times are subjected to periodic excitations. Using computer simulations, how space-time is deformed in the presence of these excitations is studied, posing interesting questions such as the possible suppression of gravitational collapse or the acceleration of this process.


Image: in the center, the researcher Anxo Fariña  (in white) nexto to his PhD supervisor, the IGFAE researcher Javier Mas (in blue), as well as tribunal members and attendants. Credit: IGFAE.