Abdullah Sharifi, web developer, has been on an internship at the Instituto Galego de Física de Altas Enerxías (IGFAE) for the past three weeks. Abdullah has studied in recent months the certificate of professionalism “Development of applications with web technologies” in the Academia Postal. Through an agreement with this academy, he has been able to apply what he has learned to improve the internal organisation of the IGFAE.

Abdullah explains that he has been curious about technology and video as long as he can remember, ever since he saw a computer for the first time when he was 12 years old.. “When I came to Galicia, I started to study web applications, but as my level of Spanish was still not very good, I had to give it up. I continued studying Spanish on my own, and I did a bootcamp (intensive course) in web programming”, in which I acquired knowledge of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Node.js, Express, React and Git. “When I finished this training, I did a project with my colleagues to develop a purchase and sell platform,” he adds.

Subsequently, he continued training to find a job, while developing his personal portfolio, and decided to enroll for professional certification with the Academia Postal. While doing this training, he found a job at Plexus Tech, where he now works as a junior full-stack developer. During his internship weeks at the IGFAE, he has combined this training with his job at that company.

Database development for staff organisation

“What I have done in the IGFAE, with the support of Ricardo (responsible for infrastructure and human resources), has been to generate the necessary code to control the data display of some attributes of information stored in the database of the Institute. This helps to organise the data of staff and offices, to be able to manage and know who and where they are in them. So we can improve the daily work of the IGFAE”.

“I learned a lot during the internship, and it was very good because I like databases a lot,” Abdullah summarises. After this stage, and in addition to continuing his work at Plexus, he wants to continue his training in the back-end of the applications, that is, in the management of everything necessary to make them work. “I’ve seen that databases can be a very important tool for the back-end, with things like application security, so I’d like to learn more about that,” he says.

Abdullah’s work is available on his GitHub profile: https://github.com/ab-sharifi21