Trans Ricardo Concurso c3 Inscricións abertas! LIGO and Virgo announced the most massive gravitational wave binary observed to date

Why is our world formed by matter and not anti-matter? How do fundamental particles really interact? Is the Standard Model the final theory? More info LHCb IGFAE
Solving the mystery of the ultra-high energy cosmic rays, the most energetic particles observed in nature. What are the cosmic rays? Where do they come from? Where do they get their energy? More info Auger IGFAE
Using an advanced underground detector in the Pyrenees to learn if the most elusive fundamental particles we know of, the neutrinos, are really their own antiparticle. More info Next IGFAE
Understanding the strength and complexity of interactions in the nuclear medium. More info GANIL -
Creating new technologies for
medical-imaging radioisotope production based on laser-plasma acceleration.
More info LaserPet IGFAE
Relativistic ions to investigate fundamental properties of the force that holds protons and neutrons in nuclei. The ideal test bench to learn about reactions responsible of energy and heavy elements generation in Universe. More info FAIR R3B IGFAE
Gravitational waves were predicted by Einstein more than 100 years ago and were observed for the first time by LIGO in 2015. But what are they? Why this discovery was recognized with the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2017? More info LIGO IGFAE

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