Existing colliders have not been able to find beyond the Standard Model (BSM) physics, but it must exist to explain some issues that we still do not understand such as the origin of mass, the asymmetry between matter and antimatter or matter and dark energy. Therefore, this lack of discovery might be due to three reasons:  simply, is not possible to produce BSM physics at colliders; BSM lies in the energy frontier and is only discoverable by building more powerful accelerators or;  BSM physics is at our reach, but is produced in stealth mode in a very rare and/or with significant backgrounds. BSM physics could be hidden among the millions of proton collisions the are produced every second at the LHCb, so it could be the right place to look, especially if it corresponds to new light rare objects.

Although stealth physics is very recent, the leadership of the Galician Institute of High Energy Physics (IGFAE) in this area within the LHCb has motivated the organization of the workshop “STEALTH physics at LHCb: unleashing the full power of LHCb to probe new physics. It will take place from February 17 to 19 at the Center for Advanced Studies of the USC. Its objective will be to encourage discussion and promote the study of stealth physics, both from a theoretical and experimental point of view.