The 27th International Nuclear Physics Conference 2019 (INPC 2019) starts today in Glasgow. INPC is the largest meeting in the world for Nuclear Physics where the research community will showcase the most recent works in all its thematic areas. The participation of the Nuclei and Particle Experimental Group (GENP) of the IGFAE stands out in this edition, with the researcher and professor of the USC Dolores Cortina as plenary speaker of the inaugural session.

the very latest work across the whole range of topic areas in Nuclear Physics, from the study of hadrons to the heaviest nuclei, the conference will also highlight the role of Nuclear Physics in our understanding of the universe. The importance of applications of nuclear science will also be highlighted. In this area in the predoctoral researcher Lucia Martín will present the first results obtained in the L2A2 (Laser Laboratory of Acceleration and Applications) on laser-acceleration of protons for the production of radioisotopes with medical applications. In addition, researchers José Luis Rodríguez and José Benlliure will present the most recent works related to their activity in the R3B experiment of the FAIR project (Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research), the largest scientific nuclear physics installation in Europe in the next decade.