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The Silicon Tracker of the LHCb experiment consists of silicon strip detectors with a pitch of around 200 µm. For the Trigger Tracker station upstream of the magnet, a 500 µm thick sensor with 512 strips is used, while the three Inner Tracker Stations after the magnet feature 320 and 410 µm thick sensors of 384 strips each. The signals are amplified and processed by the Beetle readout chip, which transmits its data via differential analogue lines to the Service Boxes. Here, the signal is digitised and converted into an optical signal, which is transmitted via fiber of up to 120 m length to the counting house to an optical receiver card, which is located on the Level-1 preprocessing boards (TELL1). An overview of the transmission side of the readout system is shown in the next figure.

Overview of the readout link

The part of the electronics located in the cavern, which comprises the elements in the service and detector boxes is the so-called "L0 Electronics". The part in the counting house is the "L1 Electronics".