New experimental results at the LHC and RHIC colliders and novel theoretical tools developed in the last years, are leading to an unprecedented knowledge of the collective dynamics at play in high-energy nuclear and hadronic collisions. Progress in our understanding of the initial-state of strongly interacting matter, from the saturated partonic structure of nuclei to its hydrodynamical evolution, is very remarkable. The latest results from (p)dAu collisions at RHIC and the recent 5 TeV proton-lead run at the LHC are being actively confronted to a new generation of theoretical analyses.  


The meeting will be focused on the discussion of the present experimental and theoretical knowledge of the partonic structure of protons and nuclei; the corresponding conditions at the initial stages of the collision, including the role and nature of fluctuations; the subsequent hydrodynamical evolution; and the determination of viscosity or other medium properties. Providing a framework for cross-talk among different subfields is one of the main goals of the conference.


The conference will be held in September 8-14 2013 in Illa da Toxa (Galicia-Spain), a pleasant island joined to the mainland by a bridge. All sessions, lunches and lodging for registered participants will take place at hotel Louxo.

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