The list of speakers include:

José Bernabeu
IFIC Valencia BQFT Broken Symmetries: CPT Violation
Edward Corrigan
U. of York  Integrability from defects
José Luis Cortés
U. of Zaragoza Beyond the Standard Model guided by Quantum Gravity ideas
Roberto Emparán
U. of Barcelona Black hole fusion made easy
Luiz A. Ferreira
IFSC Sao Paulo

The quest for integrability in any dimension

Carlos García Canal
U. of La Plata From the "Pampas"
Nick Mavromatos
King’s College London W_infinity algebras, Hawking radiation and information Retention by (Stringy) Black Holes
Giuseppe Mussardo
SISSA Trieste Non relativistic limit of integrable QFT and Lieb-Liniger  models
Germán Sierra

IFT Madrid

Entanglement over the Rainbow