Session I:
09:30: Welcome
09:45: Luiz A. Ferreira (Physics Institute of São Carlos-USP-Brazil):    The quest for integrability in any dimension
10:15: Ed Corrigan (University of York-UK):    Integrability from defects
10:45: Giuseppe Mussardo (SISSA Trieste-Italy):  Non-relativistic limit of integrable QFT and Lieb-Liniger models

11:15-12:00: Coffee break

Session II:
12:00: José Luis Cortés (University of Zaragoza):    
Beyond the Standard Model guided by Quantum Gravity ideas
12:30: Carlos García Canal (Universidad Nacional de La Plata-Argentina):    From the "Pampas"
13:00: José Bernabeu (IFIC & University of Valencia):   BQFT Broken Symmetries: CPT-Violation

13:30-15:30: Lunch

Session III:
15:30: Roberto Emparan (ICREA & ICC-University of Barcelona): 
Black hole fusion made easy
16:00: Nick Mavromatos (King’s College London-UK):  W_infinity algebras, Hawking Radiation and Information Retention by (Stringy) Black Holes
16:30: Germán Sierra (IFT UAM-CSIC Madrid): 
Entanglement over the Rainbow



**Al the talks will take place in the “Aula Magna” of the Faculty of Physics.