The findings of the HotLHC project are made public both in scientific publications and in terms of software distributed for the use of the community. In the list below this software can be downloaded along with previous software developed by the members of the group and still in use.

Monte Carlo codes

Jet Quenching Implementation in Monte Carlo Codes Q@MC. Dowload Q-PYTHIA

Parton String Model

Global fits of nuclear PDFs in DGLAP approach

EPPS16 - new set of nuclear PDFs including LHC and neutrino-DIS data

Monte Carlo replicas of nPDFs

EPS09s and EKS98s new sets of spatially dependent nuclear PDFs

EPS09 set of NLO and LO nuclear PDFs with error analysis

EPS08 set of nuclear PDFs

EKS98 set of nuclear PDFs

Parton Distributions and Saturation Physics

Dipole proton cross section with the BK running coupling: AAMQS

Dipole proton cross section with the Balitsky-Kovchegov running coupling equations

Quenching weights

Gluons and massless quarks

Massive quarks