My research focuses on experimental nuclear physics with radioactive beams.

Since the first years of my scientific life (1993) I have concentrated on the study of direct reactions induced by radioactive beams.
Elastic and inelastic scattering and nucleon breakup reactions have been the tools I used to learn about the single particle properties of the exotic species. These activities have been developed in international collaborations in different heavy ion laboratories such as GANIL and GSI. In 2005 I joined the R3B collaboration that aims to study nuclear reactions induced by relativistic radioactive beams. This collaboration was settled up around the new facility FAIR. The scientific program foreseen for R3B is very broad. I have concentrated on the study of Quasi-free scattering reactions in inverse kinematics allows to pin down single particle structure information of the exotic nuclei from the study of weakly and deeply bound removed nucleons. I have participated in several pioneer experiments probing the validity of this experimental approach during last years at the existing  ALADIN-LAND set-up at GSI.

Since 2008 I have a strong commitment (coordinator) in the design and construction of a high– resolution and high-efficiency calorimeter for energetic gamma’s and light particles (CALIFA: CALorimeter for In Flight detection of gamma-rays and high energy charged pArticles) for the R3B experiment at FAIR. A significant part of my dedication has focused on technical aspects connected to this important detector. I have also participated in many other experiments dedicated to the study of the structure and dynamics of the nucleus in different European installations. In April 2017 I have been elected R3B Spokesperson.

I have, in parallel, developed since my arrival at the USC in 2001 an applied research activity in the field of environmental radioactivity. I am Head of the Radiation Laboratory (LAR) at the USC. This laboratory is also an external service of the USC. In the last years I have been deeply involved in the conception design and construction of the Laboratory for Laser Acceleration and other Applications (L2A2) of the USC. My interest focusses on the plasma-laser production of light charged particle beams and its application on the production of PET radionuclides.