Academic Training Program


Academic Training Program

An Academic Training program is endorsed by the IGFAE, as programmed in the Action Plan of the María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence. The aim is holding one course – around 1 week long, 15 h. of lectures – every semester. The focus is on PhD. students and linked to their PhD. program as academic complements, although the courses are opened to a wider audience.


Past programs:

Future programs:

  • Lectures on classical integrability, by Alessandro Torrielli (University of Surrey), 10 h., September 16th-20th 2019, More information:
  • ApPEC-ECFA-NuPECC Joint Seminar in Santiago de Compostela in October 2019. Organised by IGFAE and USC with support from the CERN. More information:
  • 9th ARENA
  • EuNPC, September 2021