The Association of Graphic Designers and Art Directors of the FAD, ADG-FAD, held the Laus Awards 2023 gala on 8 June in Barcelona, one of the leading national awards in the sector. In this edition, the IGFAE Labs website, designed by the Novagarda studio, received one of the Bronze Laus in the “Non-transactional Website” category.

According to the Novagarda team, formed by Iago Barreiro and Alberto Carballido, the proposal was based on “graphics and web with an experimental touch, highlighting above all the three areas in which the activities take place”, and “giving prominence to the image and using brutalist graphics”.

In this way, they add, “a synthetic and modern solution” was achieved through customised interactions “to control their behaviour on each device and economise on all the unnecessary code”.

About IGFAE Labs

The IGFAE Labs are spaces created with the aim of directing and structuring the IGFAE’s work towards more responsible research and innovation (RRI, Responsible Research & Innovation) with society and its immediate environment.

This strategy of industrial and social commitment divides its activities into three laboratories, which serve as spaces to discuss new initiatives with external actors and IGFAE collaborators according to three thematic areas: ArtLab, EduLab and Tech Lab.