The LHCb collaboration has just recognized the IGFAE postdoctoral researcher Edgar Lemos with the “Early Career Scientist Award”, a prize given ” for their for outstanding contributions to the LHCb VELO Upgrade”.

On June 11 in a virtual ceremony, the committee also announced two prizes for excellent PhD theses and additional work that have made an exceptional contribution to LHCb In total, eight “Early Career Scientist” awards were given.

Edgar Lemos, telecommunications engineer, joined LHCb in 2012 during the completion of his MSc thesis final project. He rejoined the experiment in 2016 as a PhD to work on the VeloPix Asic chip of the VELO (Vertex Locator) detector. Thanks to a postdoctoral grant from the Xunta de Galicia, Edgar is currently at CERN involved in the new VELO detector, whose operation is scheduled for 2021 when the LHC resumes its activity in the so-call Run 3.

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