We are seeking 6 highly motivated students interested in doing a master’s degree in an area related to Particle Physics and having a first research experience in one of our strategic research areas:

Position details

  • 6 part-time (10 hours per week) research contracts for the development of research Master Projects at IGFAE for a period of 8 months.
  • Gross salary of 500 €/month.
  • Estimated starting date: October 2020.

Functions to be performed

State of the art analysis, data analysis and advanced computing techniques, new theoretical and experimental developments in contact with international collaborations in which the institute participates, participation in work meetings for coordination, presentation and discussion of results, dissemination of the Investigation work.

Required qulifications

  • Bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants must present the receipt of the application for admission to the USC Master’s Degree in Physics to present themselves to the call.

The selected applicants must present, at the time of signing the employment contract, the enrolment in the same master and a signed commitment for the completion of the Master’s Final Project at the IGFAE under the supervision of a researcher ascribed to the institute.

Evaluation and award criteria of the contracts

  • Bachelor degree in Physics (up to 20 points).
  • Academic record in the Bachelor’s degree (up to 40 points).
  • Curriculum vitae that includes training, publications and participation in scientific activities (up to 15 points).
  • Personal interview. Only the candidates with at least 50 points on the other merits will be interviewed.


The application must be submitted electronically via the University of Santiago de Compostela website.

Reference number of the call: 11/2020 – Reference number of the position: 2019-PG065

The following documents must be uploaded:

  • PDF document of the curriculum vitae, highlighting the merits that are established as assessment criteria and that are set out in the annex to the call (page 54-56).
  • Copy of the Academic Record of the Bachelor’s Degree. The Academic Record of those studies which have been carried out abroad must be presented in English or with the corresponding official translation into Spanish, Galician or English.
  • Sworn statement in which the candidate declares under his responsibility, that he meets the requirements of the call and can prove it on the deadline of applications.


Closing date for applications is September 21, 2020 at 23:59 h (CEST).

In case of any problems concerning this application or further information, please contact us in jobs@igfae.usc.es indicating in the subject “Master students 2020”.


The Galician Institute for High Energy Physics (IGFAE) at the Universidade de Santiago de Compostela (USC) is a research institute accredited as María de Maeztu Unit of Excellence by the Spanish Ministry of Science. It hosts around 100 researchers, including more than 20 postdocs, 40 PhD students and two ERC grantees. IGFAE is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to increasing the diversity of its personnel and particularly welcomes applications from women, minorities, and persons with disabilities.

The Universidade de Santiago de Compostela is a five-century institution located in Santiago de Compostela, a lively city known for its beautiful and historic architecture. Its Old Town was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.