The Galician Institute of High Energy Physics, IGFAE, at the University of Santiago de Compostela, invites applications for a research associate in the experimental program of study of nuclear reactions at relativistic energies. It will contribute to the implementation of the CALIFA detector: unmouting the CALIFA demonstrator, installation of the CALIFA detector in its full version, preparation of the experiments of R3B Phase 0 (2020), participation in the data collection and analysis of the acquired data.

The position is for 18 months with the expected starting date the day after the rectoral resolution.

Required qualifications

  • PhD.

Other achievements to be taken into account

  • Physics PhD degree (10 points)
  • Experience in nuclear instrumentation developments (15 points)
  • Publications in scientific journals and participation in congresses and scientific meetings (25 points)
  • Certification of compliance with the quality requirements of the production and scientific-technological activity (25 points)
  • Personal interview. Only the candidates with at least 50 points on the other merits willbe interviewed (25 points)

Interested candidates should submit:

  • PDF document of the CV.
  • Sworn statement in which the candidate declares under his responsibility, that he meets the requirements of the call and can prove it on the deadline for applications.

Applications can only be submitted electronically in Complementary documentation shall be presented electronically using any digitised copy procedure of the original document. In this case, digitised copies will guarantee the authenticity of the original under the responsibility of the applicant.

The deadline for submitting applications will be SEVEN (7) calendar days (June 16) starting from the day after the publication of this call:

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