Spanish industry sides with science

Spanish industry sides with science

In a recent event in Madrid, the alliance of the Severo Ochoa and María de Maeztu research centres and units (SOMMa) expressed its concern about the reduction of financing for R+D+I, and the administrative problems that constrain Spanish science.

Now, for the first time, business organizations and associations connected to R+D+I in Spain express their support towards Spanish research, backing  the initiative promoted by SOMMa which advocates in favor of the political class acting to clear the administrative problems currently affecting science in Spain. As well, they insist on the need to make science a priority, and to promote innovation, allowing knowledge to translate into tangible benefits for society.

All these entities, together with the members of SOMMa, represent close to 6,800 businesses, societies, centres and research units, which employ more than 500,000 people in Spain, and have an economic activity equivalent to 10,53 % of the Spanish gross domestic product.

Read more information in:  http://www.somma.es/articles/spain-industry-sides-science

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