The IGFAE Labs are newly created spaces to direct and structure our research towards a more responsible research and innovation (RRI) with society and its immediate environment.

This new strategy of industrial and social engagement divides its activities into three laboratories that serve as spaces to discuss new initiatives with external actors and IGFAE collaborators according to three thematic areas:


ArtLab, a space for dialogue between art and science composed of IGFAE research staff and external collaborators who propose and develop new ideas to foster conversations between the two disciplines.

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EduLab, a forum for exchange and co-creation with the educational community where IGFAE scientific staff and members of the educational community (teachers, students) come together to launch new collaborative projects.

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TechLab, a series of workshops and exchanges with industry to stimulate collaborative innovation and the exploitation of IGFAE knowledge and results, as well as a tool for IGFAE research staff to explore career opportunities in the industry.

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