Tuesday, January 22, 2019


This is the collaboration web site of the SiNuRSE JRA of the ENSAR Project

SiNuRSE is the Joint Research Activity 05 of the European Nuclear Science and Applications Research (ENSAR) Project, within the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission (FP7).

Performing simulations for nuclear structure and reaction studies has become a necessity in recent years as the experiments in the field of ENSAR sciences are getting more and more complex. This complexity reveals itself not only in the design of the detection systems, but also in the analysis of the experimental data obtained with these detectors. The particle and nuclear physics communities have developed a large number of simulation programs for physics experiments. SiNuRSE is intended to solve problems identified in the simulation of complex nuclear physics experiments as:

  • Construction of event genators based on realistic physics models, which are useful for the experimental activities pursued at the European facilities concerned by ENSAR.
  • These models must be benchmarked against a wide set of available elementary experimental data and against each other.
  • Creation of a platform for simulations in which the user can easily switch between various models. The ultimate goal is to be able to combine an event generator from a specific application with the definition of a geometry from another code and the tracking of a yet another program.
  • Verify the results against several detector types which are currently being developed for the ENSAR facilities.

In all these activities, the developers of various codes are consulted so that an uniform approach to solving problems is achieved.

The work package is divided into three main taks:

  1. Deal with the event generators and their benchmarking
  2. Deal with the development of virtual Monte-Carlo platform
  3. Involve a few well chosen test cases relevant for several activities of the community