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The R3B experiment at FAIR

R3B comprises a set of detectors on a versatile setup with high efficiency, acceptance and resolution for kinematically complete measurements of reactions with high-energy radioactive beams. The setup wiill be located at the focal plane of the high-energy branch of the Super-FRS in the new FAIR facility (Darmstadt, Germany). The experiment setup is suitable for a wide variety of scattering experiments, i.e., such as heavy-ion induced electromagnetic excitation, knockout and breakup reactions, or light-ion (in)elastic and quasi-free scattering in inverse kinematics, thus enabling a broad physics programme with rare-isotope beams to be performed.

The GENP group at the University of Santiago de Compostela is involved in the development of a calorimeter for gamma-rays and light charged particles (CALIFA)  and a Large-area ToF wall (i-ToF)  for precise velocity determination of heavy residues originated iin fission or spallation reactions.