Conference Bus

There will be two buses from Santiago airport to the conference venue on Sunday 8th : 16:00 and 18:15

Additionally there will be one bus from Vigo airport to the conference venue on Sunday 8th : 18:00

If you want to find other participant to share a taxi or other means of transport please, have a look to the doodles below:

Buses from the hotel to both airports will also be available at the end of the conference on Saturday 14th.

1) From Santiago (SCQ) and Vigo (VGO) airports to the conference venue at Hotel Louxo in Illa da Toxa on Sunday September 8th 2013:

2) Back on Saturday September 14th 2013:

Please indicate, together with your name, your flight number and arrival/departure time.

Public transport

A taxi from Santiago or Vigo airport to the conferenece venue should cost something between 80 and 100 EUR.

Buses from Santiago airport: take the bus from the airport to Santiago bus station (every 30 minutes). Then take a bus to Illa de A Toxa (company Monbus): 11:30, 14:35 (only Monday to Friday), 18:30 (only Monday to Friday), 20:30. It takes 2 hours 5 minutes. In case you leave not at the island (Illa de A Toxa) but at O Grove bus station, please find below the link to the google map.

Buses from Vigo airport: take the bus (line C9A connecting to line C4C) from the airport to Vigo bus station (every 30 minutes; a taxi is suggested). Then take a bus to Pontevedra bus station (roughly one per hour). Then take a bus from Pontevedra bus station to O Grove bus station:11.00, 21.10, takes one hour. From O Grove bus station you can take a taxi or simply go walking (around 2 km), see the link

Map from O Grove to Illa da Toxa